3 webinars on School Data and how to get the most out of it

Are you struggling with data in your school?
Is it taking hours of your time but not giving you the answers you need?

Dale Pickles is holding 3 webinars on data. He firstly looks at Pupil Target Setting, how these are set and whether they benefit the pupil. The second webinar is on  Analysing Data and how data is analysed for students with SEND. Does this data help your school? Dale will look into this. Finally, he will show you in just a few clicks how the B Squared Analytics Platform will save you hours in Excel.

Pupil Target Setting – WATCH NOW

Analysing Data – WATCH NOW

B Squared Analytics – WATCH NOW

Pupil Target Setting webinar
Focusing on pupils with SEND, looking at how schools set, manage and review targets

Dale covers:

  • How do schools set targets?
  • Who sets the targets?
  • Where do the targets come from?
  • How do schools review targets throughout the year?
  • What different kinds of targets are there?
  • How should schools set targets?
Pupil Target Setting Webinar
Watch now

Great feedback from Teachers & SENCOs on the Pupil Target Setting webinar

“A detailed look at target setting.”  
Catherine Gray – SENCo, OSG Swaffham Campus 

“Very informative with good opportunities to ask questions.”  Jane Guest – Senior Leader, Finton Primary School

“This covered some excellent material/questions and answers for me.”  Laura Richards – Teacher, Ysgol Y Deri

“I will definitely be looking at the other B Squared webinars.”  Zoe Williams – Deputy Principal & SENDCo, Beacon Primary Academy

Watch the webinar recording to find out how schools can set, manage and review targets in a way that will benefit your pupils with SEND.

Analysing Data webinar
Focusing on pupils with SEND, looking at how schools analyse data

Analysing Data Webinar
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Dale covers:

  • Types of Progress – there’s no ‘one way’ for all pupils!
  • Individual vs group
  • What groups to analyse
  • Outcomes vs Progress
  • The right expectations
  • Data is not a judgement

Great feedback from Teachers & SENCOs on the Analysing Data webinar

“Simply excellent! I’m new to looking at Data and started to ‘panic’ when asked to analyse data for a Governance Report – I only wish I had the information from tonight then! Thank you so much!”  
Gail Carter – Assistant Head / SENCO, Arc School Ansley 

“Thank you – a great webinar – very informative and thought provoking!”  Melanie Badcock

“This has opened my eyes to data analysis as a SENCO. I’m one of those who has had a fear of data!”  Vicki

“Thank you Dale, this has been great as usual!” Sam

Watch the webinar recording to find out how to analyse school data effectively to help improve outcomes for your pupils with SEND

B Squared Analytics webinar
Looking at the B Squared Analytics platform and how it helps schools improve their data analytics

Watch now
B Squared Analytics Webinar

Dale covers how to:

  • Stay out of Excel – sorting, filtering, averages and judging progress can all be done within Connecting Steps
  • Save time with Favourite Reports and pinning – set up your termly reporting to assess each term quickly
  • Compare non-SEND data and SEND data together – for a whole school picture in a primary school
  • Use multiple expectations around progress and attainment – for different groups of pupils
  • Use our standardised data – for fairer analysis of pupil progress and better consistency between frameworks
  • Use our progress trend reports – to help predict progress for individual pupils
  • Use linear vs non-linear data and different levels of data

Great feedback from Teachers & SENCOs on the B Squared Analytics webinar

“Value added is great! Looking forward to using this.”
Llinos Watkins  

“Thank you Dale, looking forward to trying this out!”  Roberta

“Looks great. I’m sure I’ll have lots of questions once I start playing with it!”  Marie Old

“Looking forward to exploring and using the new materials.” Jacqui Foulger – Teacher, Wightwick Hall School

Watch the webinar recording to find out how to analyse school data effectively to help improve outcomes for your pupils with SEND

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