Webinar: How to assess pupils working outside of their year group

Are you struggling to show progress for pupils working outside of their year group?

Are your pupils with SEND sitting under significantly working below, working below, or working towards Age Related Expectations?
This is not child centred and does not support the pupil. It’s time to change the way you assess!

Our FREE Webinar took place Tuesday 18 October – click below to watch the recording

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Our webinar with Dale Pickles covers:

  • Pre-key stage standards
  • The engagement model
  • How schools should assess pupils on an ongoing basis
  • How assessment in the ‘assess plan do review’ cycle (APDR) is often overlooked
  • How important it is in making the ADPR process effective
Assessing Progress for Pupils Working Out Of Year Group

Watch our FREE webinar – How to Assess Pupils Working Out of Year Group

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