Webinar: Assessing ALL pupils in one system using Connecting Steps

Can you quickly and easily show progress for ALL pupils
using your current assessment system?

If the way you assess your SEND and your non SEND pupils is different and your SEND assessment is not a priority, isn’t that reflected in everything else you do for your pupils with SEND?

Assess, analyse and identify next steps for all of your pupils in one easy to use inclusive system. Our Connecting Steps software provides inclusive Primary School assessment for children working at Age Related Expectations and those with SEND. It simplifies assessment, saving time and money for your school.

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Webinar: Assessing ALL pupils with Connecting Steps

During the webinar, Dale will explain the benefits of using Connecting Steps in your school:

  • One system for all pupils, saving time, saving money and making whole school data easier to manage.
  • Different levels of detail for pupils working at ARE and those working below.
  • A consistent approach across the whole school for all pupils.
  • Reduce teacher workload by including SEND pupils from the beginning in assessment, planning and report writing.
  • For Early Years and Primary settings.

What is Connecting Steps?

Watch this 1 minute video to see how Connecting Steps makes assessing, tracking and reporting progress easier for every child in your Primary School.

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Intro to the new and improved Evisense – watch on demand

Our new Evisense is almost here. Our new version is a complete overhaul of our existing system and brings in a very long list of new features. Evisense is now so much more than an evidence of learning system – it’s a full communication hub for parents and schools!

Evisense logo

This webinar is your first chance to see the new and improved Evisense. 

  • Over 15 different post types including class blog, evidence, home school diary, pupil voice, learning opportunities, Wow moments and more.
  • Improved security controls – give schools more flexibility over our extensive security options.
  • Add multiple media to a post – multiple photos or videos or a combination of both.
  • New timeline – jump back 3 years instantly to compare evidence to the work pupils are doing now.
  • New parent mode – share content knowing parents will only see what they are allowed to see.


Autism Profiling with Autism Progress watch on demand

More and more pupils are coming into schools showing traits of autism. There is limited external support available. Autism is a spectrum and there is no one way that works for all pupils. Autism profiling can help to understand how a pupil’s autism impacts them.

This webinar explains how autism profiling with Autism Progress can help teachers to:

  • Build a profile across Communication, Social Interaction, Emotional Regulation and Flexibility of Thought (based on SCERTS).
  • Understand how unique each autistic pupil is, so you can support them more effectively.
  • Use the profile information as part of a pupil’s one page profile and share with external professionals.
  • Use strategies provided to support pupils based on their needs, not a generic approach to autism.
  • This is not a diagnosis tool, it can be used before or after a diagnosis.


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