Connecting Steps V5 is Here!

On Thursday 6th May 2021 we launched out our exciting new, faster Connecting Steps V5. It’s a FREE upgrade for all of our existing V4 customers.

This is a major development for our assessment software, making it quicker and easier for you to demonstrate your pupils’ progress. The look and feel has changed dramatically, so has the speed! It’s faster, easier and requires less clicks.

Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve had great feedback from schools that took part in the Beta Trial!

“I love the new version! I find it much easier to use and it saves so much time.
It definitely reduces workload by having data saved in the one place that is quick and easy to access.”

Laura Reid, St Stephen’s and St Kevin’s Primary Schools

“The interface is much better and it is significantly quicker than V4.”
Roger Webb, Redgate Community Primary School

“It’s much more user friendly and easier to use and navigate through.
Now it’s quicker and easier, we’ve found that assessing is being completed more regularly.”
Natalie Stevens, Mountfield Heath School

Watch our FREE ‘Connecting Steps V5 is here!’ webinar

Find out everything you need to know to take advantage of its great new features! Watch our webinar to see how Connecting Steps V5 will speed up assessments (now live) and simplify analysis of pupils’ progress (coming soon) across your school. The webinar will help you to get up and running fast on the new Connecting Steps. We also provide quick links to access the new version as well as FREE training videos and our new support site. The live webinar took place 4pm on Thursday 6 May – CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE WEBINAR RECORDING


  • New, fresh, user friendly navigation – filters, favourites, history and notifications help simplify and speed up your assessments
  • Super quick to input and access your pupil assessments
  • Just as easy to use on a tablet, laptop or desktop, no need for an app
  • Hundreds of new features in the new version of Connecting Steps
  • Track the progress of pupils working at age related expectations and those with SEND
Connecting Steps logo

Speed up your assessments and simplify your analysis of pupils’ progress

Connecting Steps V5 has been designed to speed up assessments and simplify analysis of ALL pupils’ progress across your school. The new software design has been about reducing clicks, less waiting time and more flexibility.

We’re so excited about this new version for Connecting Steps, that we’ve also rebranded Connecting Steps. The new logo and a new website will make it clear that lots has changed.

Speed up your assessments

Here’s just some of the great new features that you’re going to see in Connecting Steps V5 – that will help speed up your assessments

  • You can use Connecting Steps with iPads and other tablets
  • Faster log in time
  • Use the history to jump straight back to where you where
  • The Display button has gone! When you select the subject and profile, it will load the student’s current level. Quicker and less clicks
  • Save favourite screens/reports to make navigation much faster – great for annual reviews or for getting the reports you want regularly, quickly
  • New filtering helps teachers to focus on specific pupils or what skills are missing
  • More helpful notifications to help you use the software more effectively
  • New baselining features – quicker and easier baselining

Simplify your analysis of pupils’ progress

These new features make it easy to analyse your pupils’ progress to identify next steps and where interventions are needed

  • Connecting Steps V5 will have even more reports, they aren’t there yet, but they will be coming soon
  • Easy access to charts that visually show progress
  • Faster and easier to work with larger groups of pupils
  • Identify skills missing within groups

Your data is safe with us

Moving to Connecting Steps V5 will not impact your data. V5 will work alongside your current V4 for the time being, with your data accessible in both.

Connecting Steps V5 will be released in phases

This upgrade is all about improving the user experience for our customer schools to help your assessment data work smarter for you. The first sections being released are the sections you use the most – the assessment screens and the screens used for baselining. The next update will bring individual and group reporting and printing and the final part will be our new analysis tool. Take a look at our Connecting Steps V5 timeline for planned release dates

The new Connecting Steps is designed to be used for all pupils. We are also working on new assessment content designed for pupils working at Age Related Expectations (ARE), which will mean schools can use one assessment system for everyone, saving time, complexity and money.

Are you a school wanting to purchase Connecting Steps?

Take a look at our online assessment software order forms. Or contact our Sales Team on or 01252 870133 to request a quotation.

Book a FREE online meeting to find out how Connecting Steps V5 will speed up assessments and simplify analysis of pupils’ progress across your school

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