A great alternative to EExAT

Are you looking for an alternative to EExAT for your Early Years progress tracking? With EExAT closing, we know schools will be searching for a new EYFS progress tracker they can get up and running quickly.

Our EYFS tracking system Connecting Steps is the best alternative to EExAT to show progress for ALL your EYFS pupils. It’s easy to switch from EExAT to Connecting Steps.

Want to continue to show progress for ALL of your children in Early Years Foundation Stage in line with the new EYFS 2021?

Looking for an alternative to EExAT?

Look no further – Connecting Steps is the alternative to EExAT! 

Early Years Foundation Stage Assessment

Simplify assessment, reduce teacher workload and save money

You can use Connecting Steps to assess ALL of your EYFS pupils with our frameworks for Early Years:

  • Early Steps – for children with SEND working within EYFS 2021.
  • Development Matters – for typically developing children working within EYFS 2021. *FREE content for Connecting Steps users*

We also have assessment frameworks for KS1&2 to track the progress of pupils working at ARE and those with SEND. So you can continue to use Connecting Steps to assess as pupils move through Primary School.

Are you a EExAT customer?

Following the announcement of EExAT closing we wanted to let you know that the transition to Connecting Steps would be seamless and disruption to teaching staff minimal. We will ensure a quick and easy switch from EExAT and support you with free online training and our Support Team are always on hand to help. Book an online meeting with our team to discuss switching to Connecting Steps.

Early Years children

It’s time to switch your Early Years assessment

Book a free online meeting to find out how quickly and easily your school can switch from EExAT