Tips and tricks for using Evisense

What is Evisense? An e-portfolio, an online learning journal or a digital evidence of learning system? The answer is all of them. Evisense allows you to ‘tell the story’ of a child’s learning, quickly and easily via a digital evidence of learning system.

Watch our 45-second introduction video to explain.

Make sense of your evidence with Evisense

Forget the cutting and sticking into a child’s workbook. In Evisense you can take a photo or video and add a comment in a few seconds, to build a clear e-portfolio of a child’s progress and achievements.

Secure home/school communication

Evisense lets schools securely communicate with students and parents to see pupil progress and achievements. Reports can be shared with parents through the app or by printing out reports, both are a great way of sharing what their child is achieving with you. Digital cloud-based evidence can’t get lost, is secure and can be easily retrieved to print end of year reports in a flash!

Saves teachers’ time

Evisense saves teachers’ time. When you are busy teaching in the classroom or elsewhere, your TA can be snapping pics, video or audio (no extra cost) and uploading it ready for you to look at when you get a minute.

Literally ‘see’ progress

The biggest benefit of Evisense is that by using video and photos, you can show all the small steps of progress children make across a wide range of areas. Capture their achievements no matter how big and small and see their progress over time.

Our teachers say…

“I love using Evisense to organise my evidence of learning digitally. Before Evisense, evidence was static. It sat in a folder, I felt frustrated by the process of printing and gluing and collating. It was costly and not time efficient.” Lindsay Ireland, Class Teacher, Firpark School

“Using Evisense teachers can literally ‘see’ students making progress through the videos and photos. This evidence for learning informs our formal assessment and future planning.” Jessica Miller, Acorns Primary School

Head over to the tips and tricks page to find out more about all the handy features to make teachers’ lives easier

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