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Want to make assessment easier?

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Easy-to-use GCSE tracking assessment software for Secondary Schools


Many secondary schools are still getting to grips with the GCSE 1-9 flightpath system. They need to be able to assess pupils’ progress effectively across Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 of the National Curriculum.  And are often required to track progress for pupils with a mixture of abilities, including those working below Age Related Expectations.  

Being able to monitor where pupils are on the GCSE 1-9 flightpath system and accurately predict GCSE grades is key to helping them reach their full potential. Communicating progress to parents in a meaningful way will also help to increase parental engagement, crucial for the positive impact it is known to have on educational outcomes.

Many secondary schools are still searching for an easy-to-use GCSE tracking solution. That’s where B Squared can help!

Making assessment easier

Our Connecting Steps assessment software has been designed by teachers, for teachers. Our curriculum specialists work closely with our software developers to build and refine assessment frameworks (to use within the software) that work for teachers – and are designed to make teachers’ lives easier. So teachers can spend their time doing what they do best – teaching!

Tracking pupil progress across key stages 3 and 4

Secondary Steps is our assessment framework for tracking pupil progress across Key Stage 3 and 4. Used within our Connecting Steps software, this framework helps teachers with GCSE predictions and monitoring where pupils are on the 1-9 flightpath system.

Based on the new 1 - 9 GCSEs, Secondary Steps is designed to be used from Year 7 onwards. We have created our new 1 to 9 flightpath system to track pupil progress across Secondary Education. The software contains breakdowns across over 25 GCSE subjects between years 7 to 11. Teachers can use the breakdowns to identify which flightpath a pupil is on and the skills they need to achieve by the end of the year to remain on track.


GCSE subjects covered in our Secondary Steps assessment framework

English Language
English Language S&L
English Literature
Science Combined
Resistant Materials
Food Technology
Religious Education
Physical Education
Business Studies
21st Century Learning Skills

New Post 16 KS4+ framework helps track progress towards being fully independent. Arrange a free online meeting to learn how it would work in your setting





Secondary Assessment

Our assessment frameworks for tracking progress across key stage 3 and 4.

Sample Pages

Examples of our Secondary Steps assessment framework across a range of GCSE subjects.

Connecting Steps

Our assessment software improves pupil outcomes, reduces admin time and simplifies reporting.

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Demonstrate pupil progress with photo/video evidence

Evisense, our evidence management system is designed to make capturing evidence of learning in the classroom easier. Developed in response to feedback from teachers frustrated with the amount of time spent collating supporting evidence, Evisense can be used to collect photos, videos, audio and documents to create a portfolio of a child's educational journey. This digital solution eliminates the laborious task of cutting and pasting photographs into reports, so staff can focus on teaching. Evisense enables schools to build a vital bank of evidence that can be used to demonstrate student’s progress, moderate work, as well as engage parents.

Find out more at www.evisense.com