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Our teacher customers tell us about the obstacles they face in their day-to-day working lives.  We understand how difficult it is to keep up with Government changes when your workload has increased exponentially in recent years and how time consuming it is to collect/analyse evidence of progress for every child plus the challenge of communicating to all relevant people. 

The Connecting Steps framework was developed by a teacher for teachers. It is designed to be flexible to suit all pupils including children with SEN. You set your own curriculum and use the framework to easily plot pupils progress against the National Curriculum.


One powerful, inclusive assessment system
with multiple assessment frameworks

 Track progress across Key Stages 1 – 4 & help predict GCSE grades

Connecting Steps spans EYFS & The National Curriculum (inc SEND) to end of Key Stage 4

One inclusive system

Connecting Steps is designed for teachers to meet the needs of all pupils (inc SEN) working across different curriculums. It caters for a wide range – from EYFS to GCSE - assessing EYFS pupils has a differing set of requirements compared with pupils studying for GCSEs.

Teachers record the small steps of progress that pupils make and use it to build a profile of learning and achievement. Used consistently, it gives a current picture of a pupil’s achievements throughout the year and guides teachers on how to differentiate work and identify the ‘next steps’ for children with SEN.



Meaningful communication

Tracking results in Connecting Steps is straightforward. Reports using visual graphs can be viewed by year/group/or individual pupils and shows an accurate insight into a pupil’s achievements at any point in the year, to inform lesson planning, and to enable you to easily identify and plug any skill gaps.  It allows meaningful data to be shared to communicate with parents, colleagues and all stakeholders.


Reducing teacher workload

Our curriculum specialists work closely with our software developers to build and refine products to make teachers lives easier. We have designed it to be user intuitive, quick and easy from the start. The Ipad app allows on-the-go assessment either in the classroom or outside.

You decide when you want to update the information, this might be three times a year or more often, knowing where children are allows for more effective planning. Providing the data is up to date, end-of-year reports can be printed within a few clicks.




Government policy changes

Just when you think you have it sorted…

Government policies change!  Our education experts keep a close eye on DfE changes and understand how they will affect teachers and schools before they happen and adapt our frameworks accordingly.  Allowing us to absorb some of the impact on teachers and schools while also saving you time figuring it all out.


FREE technical support

If you need help, we provide full technical support from 9-5 every weekday by phone and access to an extensive Knowledge Base online. In addition, you'll receive emails straight after your licence is agreed with hints and tips to help you use Connecting Steps to its full potential and get the most out of it.   We also run free training webinars on the first Tuesday of every month.

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New Post 16 KS4+ framework helps track progress towards being fully independent. Arrange a free online meeting to learn how it would work in your setting





How does your school manage evidence of learning?

Our evidence management system Evisense is designed to make capturing evidence of learning in the classroom easier. Developed in response to feedback from teachers frustrated with the amount of time spent collating supporting evidence, Evisense can be used to collect photos, videos, audio and documents to create a portfolio of a child's educational journey. This digital solution eliminates the laborious task of cutting and pasting photographs into reports, so staff can focus on teaching. Evisense enables schools to build a vital bank of evidence that can be used to demonstrate student’s progress, moderate work, as well as engage parents.

Find out more at www.evisense.com

"Using Connecting Steps means even the smallest increments of progress can be recognised."

Jo Johnson, Headteacher, Heath Farm School