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Want to make assessment easier?

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Need your team to track pupil’s progress easily AND simplify reporting?

As a senior leader you’ll be familiar with juggling several performance led objectives. We know you’ll need to be robust in your whole school reporting, make informed planning decisions and prove your judgements…all within budget.

Combining multiple curriculums into one software package provides teachers with a powerful one-stop solution, saving time, providing the benefits of links between curriculums, and one intuitive, easy system to learn. Your team will love you for it!


How Connecting Steps prepares senior leaders for success

  • Gives control

    Gives you control to make informed decisions by making sense of the data in easy to understand graphs and visual reports

  • Reduces workload

    Reduces teacher workloads by making tracking pupils attainment easy and straightforward. Even carrying assessments forwards when curriculums change.

  • Improves outcomes

    Improves outcomes by showing the overall ‘picture’ of the pupil using customisable progress levels that can show very small steps of progress for less able children or bigger jumps for gifted pupils.  

  • Aids communication

    Facilitates meaningful communication between colleagues/parents/Ofsted and other stakeholders. 

  • Customisable

    Customised set up allows progress to be shown over your chosen timeframe, monthly, termly, a year or Key Stage.

  • FREE training

    Supports schools with FREE training webinars every month for existing and new staff.

It is quick and easy to use and has been embraced by all staff. It’s difficult to imagine school without it!"

Brandon Mills, Deputy Headteacher, Brookfields School

New Post 16 KS4+ framework helps track progress towards being fully independent. Arrange a free online meeting to learn how it would work in your setting





Add powerful analysis by using Connecting Steps Analysis Module (CSAM)


CSAM helps schools organise, view and present data recorded in our Connecting Steps® software. Designed with visual impact and functionality in mind, this add-on module enables teaching staff to condense vast amounts of data into clear, well designed graphs and reports. Created for use by schools using the latest version of our hosted software, CSAM is a replacement to our previous GAP analysis module. It provides a broad range of improved functions: faster access to data, comparison of group data, more ways to express your results and the ability to drill down into the data.

CSAM enables:

  • extensive grouping and filtering of data
  • comparison across multiple student cohorts and whole year groups
  • progress tracking between key dates, year by year or over a Key Stage 


Data is analysed in a few clicks, condensing complex information into well designed graphs that can easily be filtered and drilled down into. 
Tailored for each curriculum, the graphs are designed to present information clearly and concisely. All reports can be accessed at any time and viewed for any time period. The scale of each graph is automatically set to zoom in and show the maximum level of detail, but schools can choose to reset the scale, depending on the information needed. Importantly, CSAM also adapts to accommodate factors such as changes in class size, by calculating averages over time.


Powerful filtering

The filters within CSAM are extremely powerful and allow detailed interrogation of data for each cohort. Staff can drill down further into a report, choosing from a number of pre-selected group filters as well as customised filters. Filters include: Gender, Year Group, Key Stage, Primary Need, and Registration Group and more specific analysis of cohorts such as SEN, FSM and CLA.

Cohort Attainment - pupil premium

How does your school manage evidence of learning?

Our evidence management system Evisense is designed to make capturing evidence of learning in the classroom easier. Developed in response to feedback from teachers frustrated with the amount of time spent collating supporting evidence, Evisense can be used to collect photos, videos, audio and documents to create a portfolio of a child's educational journey. This digital solution eliminates the laborious task of cutting and pasting photographs into reports, so staff can focus on teaching. Evisense enables schools to build a vital bank of evidence that can be used to demonstrate student’s progress, moderate work, as well as engage parents.

Find out more at www.evisense.com


"Connecting Steps enables our teachers to clearly track, monitor and report on pupil progress at all levels of attainment."

Brandon Mills, Deputy Headteacher, Brookfields School