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Connecting Steps has a range of features that help make assessment easier


Our Connecting Steps assessment software is easy to use and has been designed by teachers for teachers. It is easy to access via our iPad app or a web browser and teachers find it easy to report on their pupils’ progress, with FREE support available to help with any queries. 

An inclusive assessment platform suitable for pupils working across different curriculums with a wide range of abilities, Connecting Steps works differently to other assessment systems by focusing on continuous assessment to help pupils achieve their full potential. Our software can be used to identify even the smallest of improvements, whilst powerful analysis capabilities ensure you get the most out of your school’s data. Connecting Steps is secure and reliable, which means you can rest assured that your school’s data is safe and available when you need it. 

Our hosted software eases the pressure on school staff and systems and eliminates data protection issues because data is not stored on school computers or devices. Schools using Connecting Steps benefit from our secure data storage and fail safe back up as well as the knowledge that our data management is fully GDPR compliant.


Easy to Use

Designed by teachers for teachers

Connecting Steps has been designed by teachers for teachers to make assessment easier. Our curriculum specialists work closely with our software developers to build and refine products that work for teachers – and are designed to make your life easier. So, as a teacher, you can spend your time doing what you do best – teaching! Within Connecting Steps, recording and tracking results is straightforward. The simple interface allows teachers to quickly and easily record pupils’ achievements and annotate their learning with comments to help ‘tell the story’ of a pupil’s learning journey. When recording information, it isn’t a case of ‘can do it’ or ‘can’t do it’, we have developed 9 steps that lead up to mastering a skill (see Inclusive Assessment section below for full details).

Easy to access

Connecting Steps can be accessed via a web browser or via our iPad app to assess pupils ‘on the go’. Free to all users of our hosted software, the app allows teaching staff to instantly record and monitor results wherever they are. Sharing information with colleagues is also quick and easy. The app is designed to be used in the classroom making observations, recording and commenting on achievements and sharing information at parents’ evening or in reviews. We have provided screens for viewing individual skills or looking at an overview of the pupil. As soon as an assessment is entered on the app, it is sent straight to our server. No data is stored on the iPad so schools can rest assured their data is safe and secure. Alternatively, a number of our assessment frameworks are also available as traditional paper files you can photocopy within your school. Although our paper assessment frameworks are a lower cost, the power of the software, ease of access and features means that over a period of time the software is more cost effective.


Easy to report

Results can be displayed by individual student, by class, and by cohort – allowing teaching staff the freedom to choose how to document progress. This information can be condensed into a number of formats including pie charts, bar charts and line graphs. Results are automatically updated, and progress can be tracked across any time period. These results can then be built into reports, helping teaching staff monitor progress over time for individual pupils as well as across groups. We designed Connecting Steps to be as easy to use as possible for teachers. Each screen has been devised to be clear, clean and simple to record information you click on it, to view information you click on it. Keeping it simple ensures that teachers can use the software easily and access the information they require.

FREE support

Teacher customers have free access to our technical support line on 01252 870133, from 9.00am-5.00pm Monday to Friday. A wealth of resources are also available to teachers 24/7 via our Knowledge base. We host a monthly FREE Connecting Steps training webinar (4pm on the first Tuesday of the month) for our existing customers. Ideal for teachers who are new in post at one of our customer schools or those who would like a refresher to ensure they are getting the most out of the software. We also run regular webinars on assessment-related topics of interest to our teacher customers. Visit our Webinars page to see what’s coming up and reserve your place. 

Chargeable half-day or whole day training sessions at your school are available to review the software in detail and help staff get up and running quickly.

Connecting Steps

Our assessment software improves pupil outcomes, reduces admin time and simplifies reporting.


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Showing different areas covered by our new assessment frameworks across a range of ability levels.



Evisense can record children’s achievements and progress through photos, videos, audio files.



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Inclusive Assessment

Connecting Steps works differently to other assessment systems to help pupils achieve their full potential

A focus on continuous assessment helps pupils achieve. Instead of teachers giving a level at the end of each year, Connecting Steps is designed to be used throughout the year. Teachers record the small steps of progress that pupils make and use these steps to build a bigger picture of each pupil’s learning and achievements. Skills gaps and areas for improvement can be quickly identified and worked on to ensure pupils are able to achieve their full potential.

One assessment platform for use across different curriculums

Connecting Steps has been created for use with a wide range of schools and curriculums. It was designed from the start to be easy to use, save teachers’ time and be flexible enough to suit your needs. The software has to cater for a wide range of users - assessing EYFS pupils has a very different set of requirements compared with pupils studying for GCSEs. Connecting Steps has been designed to meet all of these requirements. Our assessment frameworks within Connecting Steps can also be used to assess a school’s own individualised curriculum. Combining assessment frameworks covering multiple curriculums into one software package provides teachers with a powerful one-stop solution, saving time and providing the benefits of links between curriculums within one intuitive, easy-to-learn system.

Identify even the smallest of improvements

Connecting Steps has been designed to highlight up to 9 achievements that lead up to mastering a skill, making it ideal to show progress for children who develop in very small steps. The 9 steps are: Encounter; Awareness; Attention & response; Engagement; Participation; Involvement; Gaining skills and understanding; Mastered and Confirmed. Individual schools can tailor the number of steps according to their own needs. For more able pupils, less steps would be used (typically around 3-4 in a mainstream school). The identified achievement level is then simply assigned to the relevant statement within the assessment framework. Many of our teacher customers need to show non-linear progress for children who do not fit into ‘standard’ assessment steps. Unlike most assessment tools, our frameworks enable this, as they do not require one level to be completed before starting on the next.

Powerful Analysis

Get the most out of your school’s data

Our Connecting Steps Analysis Module (CSAM) is an enhanced reporting add-on to Connecting Steps that gives schools the power to get the most out of their assessment data by analysing and sharing information in a variety of ways. Schools can analyse whole school data or focus in on different cohorts. CSAM was developed with visual impact and functionality in mind, to help create essential reports for Ofsted, Governors and Senior Management. A wide range of reports can be created on the progress and attainment of pupils. The software creates standard cohorts (Pupil Premium, CLA, FSM, Primary Need, etc.) based on details imported from a school’s MIS. Graphs can be built in a few clicks, condensing complex information into well designed graphics - including pie charts, bar charts and line graphs - that can easily be drilled down into. The filters within CSAM are extremely powerful and allow detailed interrogation of data for each cohort.


New Post 16 KS4+ framework helps track progress towards being fully independent. Arrange a free online meeting to learn how it would work in your setting





Secure and Reliable

Hosted software eases pressure on school staff and systems

Our secure cloud-based assessment platform has provided 99.9% uptime over the last 5 years, so you can rest assured your school’s data is safe and available when you need it. Centrally hosted software available via the internet simplifies the experience not only for teaching staff, but also the school as a whole. Subscribing to our cloud service means no data is stored within the school, and there is no need to install, manage or update the software, easing pressure on schools’ ICT staff and computer networks.

Secure data

As soon as you enter an assessment on our app or online, it is sent directly to our server and all traffic is encrypted. Hosting data centrally eliminates data protection issues for your school because the data is not stored on school computers or mobile devices, so teachers can rest assured their data is safe and secure. We have also enforced a timeout within our software, which applies to both the web browser and iPad app, and ensures access to the software is protected and information cannot be viewed if the user has stepped away from the software for longer than intended.

Fail safe back up

We do not take any chances with your data. We monitor our servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. We use multiple hard disk arrays, with hard disks on standby, and data is copied to a backup server every 15 minutes, waiting to take over in the event of a failure.

Data loss is a very real threat for schools! There are so many ways data can be lost – loss of power, hardware failure, theft or even user error. We don’t want teaching staff to go through the stress that results from losing data. In order to ensure continued speed of access and unparalleled security of data, we have installed our main servers in a flagship UK data centre on the MoD’s Cody Technology Park in Farnborough, Hampshire. For additional protection, data is also held in a secondary backup server located at the Equinix data centre, 30km from the primary site.

GDPR compliant

The advent of the General Data Protection Regulation has introduced legal obligations to companies that process data on behalf of Data Controllers amongst more stringent requirements to security. We can confirm that we have updated our terms and conditions and contracts in line with this. We have made a few changes to our procedures internally, namely around verifying that changes to the main system administrator (a super user account in the software) can only be made by the head teacher. To assist schools in their Data Protection Impact Assessment, we have provided a knowledge base of articles and FAQ’s that cover all the information that schools may require from us which you can find here.