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Progression Steps

An easy-to-use observation-based assessment framework for pupils who are engaged in subject-specific learning but working below Age Related Expectations

Curriculum: SEND - for pupils engaged in subject-specific learning but working below age related expectations (formerly assessed as working from P4 to the National Curriculum end of key stage 3 expectations)
Connecting Steps assessment framework: Progression Steps


B Squared created Progression Steps to be used as an alternative to P Levels for the assessment of pupils with SEND formerly working from P4 to the end of key stage 3 expectations. The Rochford Review: Final Report identified the P Levels as no longer fit for purpose, signalling the end of their use for statutory assessment. Used within our Connecting Steps assessment software, Progression Steps has been designed to identify and record the achievements of pupils who are engaged in subject-specific learning but are working moderately or severely beneath Age Related Expectations in some or all areas of their development

Identify the small steps of progress made by pupils with SEND

Connecting Steps has been developed to identify and record even the smallest of achievements. It was designed by a Special Educational Needs teacher who found that existing assessment systems were not able to detect the small improvements achieved by her pupils. Our assessment points can be broken down into the 9 levels of achievement that cover from initial Encounter, through to Engagement and finally Gaining Skills & Understanding, before a pupil is deemed to have Mastered a skill. This enables teachers to show a pupil’s progress in the smallest of increments.

Connecting Steps enables us to recognise and celebrate the achievements of those students who make very small steps of progress.

Jo Johnson, Headteacher, Heath Farm School

Align your school’s assessment of pupils with SEND with the DfE’s new pre-key stage standards

Progression Steps can be used with pupils who are studying elements from a formal curriculum or those who are still engaged in a semi-formal approach to learning. It supports schools with their use of the new pre-key stage standards from the Department for Education. The 2014 National Curriculum programmes of study for Key Stages 1–3 are further broken down within Progressions Steps. These smaller, more manageable, assessment points can be used to evaluate the performance of pupils who make atypical rates of progress in some or all aspects of their academic development. 

Take a look at our comparison chart, which shows conversion from P Levels and NC levels to our Progression Steps assessment framework.





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SEND Assessment

Our new assessment frameworks for pupils working below age related expectations.

Case Study

Demonstrating 'whole student' progress in a SEMH setting at Heath Farm School.

Sample Pages

Showing different areas covered by our new assessment frameworks across a range of ability levels.

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Track progress based on the 4 broad areas of need

In terms of Cognition and Learning our content aims to help staff assess the knowledge and abilities associated with the intellectual development of a pupil against the national curriculum subjects. We have increased the range of subjects within Progression Steps to include areas such as Sex and Relationships Education. Towards the end of 2018 we will begin work on the remaining areas of need: Communication and Interaction; Social, Emotional and Mental Health; and Sensory and Physical Development. These will take between 1 and 2 years to develop.

A framework for teacher assessment of all National Curriculum subjects

B Squared is providing the Progression Steps assessment framework in three packs to allow you to choose the areas which best meet the needs of your pupils. As there is no curriculum guidance available for teachers of pupils working beneath the level of the National Curriculum, we have identified sets of prerequisite skills for entry to the Key Stage 1 programmes for each of these packs.

Progression Steps covers the following subjects

B Squared is providing these frameworks in three subject packs to allow you to choose the areas which best help your school to meet the needs of your pupils.

Core subjects pack
English                                                            Maths                                                                            Science                                  
Plus subjects pack
Citizenship Computing Physical Education
Foundation pack
Art & Design Design & Technology Geography
History Languages (German, Spanish, French, Italian) Music
Religious Education    

Reducing teacher workload

B Squared’s education experts have spent a long time refining the content of Progression Steps to reduce the workload for teachers, whilst ensuring that pupil progress milestones are still recognised. Some of the assessment points in Progression Steps are similar to those in our other frameworks. There is a significant overlap between Progression Steps and Engagement Steps to reflect the wide-ranging abilities of pupils with SEND in both primary school and special school settings.

Download our guide to using Progression Steps

Click here to take a look at the introduction and guide to our assessment framework for pupils with SEND who are engaged with subject-specific learning.

Demonstrate pupil progress with photo/video evidence

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